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What make us best addition to your project


Wide experience collected over all those years by our members allows us to create software that will suit your expectation. We are capable of handling any problems that you are struggling with.


We believe that there is time and place for everything. We understand that you need quick results, and we will give them to you through regular product presentations. By that you allways have control over your project. With us there is no deadlines - they are only scheduled and kept release dates.


We want to create special things, and programming makes it possible. New technologies inspire us so we keep pushing forward, We learn something new each day to make our programs perfect. Trust us and we promise you a successful product.

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Our Team



Starting as a SysAdmin and DevOps I moved to Software Development. Because of that path, I got wide experience that allows me to link those sometimes opposite sides of the barricade.


Senior Developer

An experienced developer that previously worked in the banking sector, and for biggest Europe hosting company. Now he joins our effort to build something fresh and new.



He was always that guy that dismantle things to reveal their secrets. Now in our team Arek is responsible for bug hunting, tracking errors and preventing what unexpected.



Young but talented developer that always is doing everything to find the best solution for given problem.

Let us help you bring back harmony into your projects